The Makawao Town Party is an inclusive community-building event, reflecting the rich tapestry of cultures and traditions in our community, the pioneering spirit of Makawao that lives on today.


Makawao Town Party is focused on the three C’s of Community, Culture, and Children.


Community: We will focus on creating a venue where we put the spotlight on local musicians, artists, farmers, entrepreneurs, and community organizations, so that residents, neighbors, and visitors  alike can gather, enjoy delicious food, experience music and arts, talk story, and simply connect as a community.


Culture: We will focus on highlighting the diversity of cultures that built and continue to sustain the greater Makawao community, including native Hawaiians, paniolo cowboys, and immigrant plantation communities.


Children: We will focus on creating a safe space for our keiki to play, explore, and discover, a place to grow up with a sense of community, creating a legacy of “My Makawao” based on the universal Hawaiian values of aloha, pono, and mahalo.


We aspire for an event that generates “zero-waste” and raises awareness of reusable, recyclable, and compostable materials.

We are always welcoming new volunteers to help with planning, organizing, and hosting the Makawao Town Party on the third Friday of each month!


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